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Headwind is an international documentary series. Part 1 was filmed on location in Andalusia, Spain during the first week of July 2021. The documentary series consists of six portraits of and a roundtable discussion with renowned and respected scientists who held their ground in the face of a lot of headwind, about the Corona crisis and the future of our society.

The six scientists (of Dutch and Belgian nationality) have each been critical about the way our governments deal with the Corona crisis, the restrictions and the repercussions these have had on our society and economy. Alle scientists portrayed in the documentary spoke out and criticised in one way or the other the corona policies and government overreach. For this they were censured, ridiculed and one of them (health scientist Sam Brokken) was even removed from office by his university in Belgium. With Headwind we gave them their voice back.   


The series was released through various internet and social media outlets in September 2021. 


Headwind was an instant success in spite of never being aired on any of the main stream media channels and reached millions of views in a very short time. The series  immediately went viral in The Netherlands and Belgium. The response has been overwhelmingly positive and lauding. Up till now Headwind 1 had more than 5 million views. 

More subtitled versions of the documentaries are being made as we speak, as to be able to reach a wide and international audience.   

Reason enough for us to swiftly move forward and start working on Headwind 2, for a follow-up documentary series with international acclaimed scientists and opinion leaders.

The idea is not to bring forward a unison consensus, but to shine alternative lights on the corona crisis and give censored specialists in their field an uncensored forum in the lee of the corona storm. 


Headwind 2 ​was filmed in February 2022.

Alain Grootaers

Mark Sanders

Cedric Van Bockel


Headwind Foundation 

Non profit organisation

Avenida Manuel Altolaguirre 37/9P

29720 La Cala Del Moral


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